safety pin musings...

I realize this section of my page has been woefully neglected so this seems like a reasonably good time to dust it off and add a little update.  In all honesty, writing is not my passion, making is.  So when I sit down to write something, I'm often at a loss, or I delete and re-write the same passage multiple times, only to push the button and wish it said something more witty or profound.  But this week has been different.  I'm encouraged by the unity and support I see in many, many people that I have come into contact with through the challenges of the current state of our country.  On the other hand, I'm terribly saddened and disheartened by the public display of outright discrimination and hate that has come forth from this election.  I choose to focus on the positive, now that I'm over my original shock and dismay that this is our reality, I feel compelled to share a bit more.

Now about those safety pins...

The safety pin movement, that has gained traction in our country following the outright displays of hate and bigotry, has been extremely encouraging.  As a visible cue to those around you, a safety pin can signify that you are a safe ally, and under the most trying circumstances, you are also indicating you will step up to defend any potential injustices as well.  The safety pin earrings are an original KKB Metal Studio design that I personally wear virtually every day.  Now they carry a greater symbolism.  Due to this, I make it a point that any time I go out in public, they are on.  

This week, I revisited a design for a safety pin brooch.  I had created a larger scarf pin earlier in the year, but wasn't fully satisfied with the proportion and therefore functionality.  As a prototype, it was very cool, but it has been a design I've been wanting to get back to resolving.  This week, after returning home from a business trip, I sat down at the bench and simply HAD to spend that time addressing the safety pin design again.  Sizing it down to around 5 cm, it is larger than the earrings, yet not overwhelming.  I first tried the traditional spring closure.  It was nice, but not really different enough from an actual safety pin, and once I flattened out the wire, the shape was distorted too much.  Going back to the simple and modern shape of the earrings, the bumps were added to function as a stop on the open side of the pin, and as a design element balanced on the closed side of the pin.  The pair of bumps signifies the ally as well, from one human being to another, we will be by your side to support each other.

As a small gesture of positivity, the prototype was offered as a give-away on my Instagram feed.  I asked followers to simply comment with what they would do to support and be positive in this challenging time, or to otherwise be an ally to those in need.  It was such a wonderful experience to read everyone's contributions and truly helped lift me up emotionally as well.  Tomorrow I send that pin out to the recipient, and I could not be more excited to get back to the bench, wrap up a couple of orders, and get cranking on more of these safety pins!  I've listed the earrings at a sale price for the time being as well.  Although the fabrication is super-fiddly, and each pair take quite a while to get shaped, and with the right amount of spring in the metal, it feels like one thing I can do to create more positivity around this movement.

One last disclosure, and it's just the fact of my life and reality.  This is my part-time/weekend gig.  I work a full-time job that involves travel most weeks, and I have two children that I've committed to saying "yes" to more (ages 11 and 6).  So please bear with me on the production turn-around.  I wish I could have an extra set of hands, or an 8th day in the week, but it is just me and my two hands doing the absolute best that we can!