modern adornments

handcrafted in Denton, TX

by Kristen Kendrick Bigley

KKB Metal Studio was created to bring you unique and modern adornments made from quality materials.  Designed to be truly wearable and comfortable; with styles ranging from simple and modern to bold statement sizes, each piece highlights the natural beauty of the metal and stones. 

I love texture and seeing the hand of the maker in the finished product.  The tool marks, imperfections, and variations in patina are part of what makes each piece unique and beautiful, giving it a personality, as well as a sense of history.  While the work and aesthetic is modern, it has influences rooted in nature, primitive cultures, mid-century modern design, and adornments from around the world.



My journey into jewelry grew from a love of working with my hands and an obsession to create.  Coming from multiple generations of creatives on both sides of my family, a love of art and design was instilled in me early-on.  I received my BFA in Studio Art, Sculpture emphasis from TCU in Ft. Worth, creating life-size figurative works in cast bronze and ceramic.  Recently I’ve moved back to my hometown of Denton, TX after spending the prior 15 years in Colorado. 

I’ve always preferred to wear artisanal jewelry and constantly sought out unique pieces through galleries and art fairs.  Following my desire to work on a smaller scale, a move into metalsmithing has been a perfect fit.  Each piece is based on styles that I personally love to wear.  I’m honored you have chosen my studio and hope you truly adore wearing your new metal.  If you are interested in alternate sizes or work that is not currently listed as available, please contact me for the possibility of a customized piece.